1. Do not use client-side cheats or hacks. You may use mods that do not provide a large advantage in gameplay (Optifine, minimaps, etc.)
  2. Do not exploit any server-side bugs. Report them!
  3. Do not attempt to lag or cause harm to the server.
  4. No inappropriate material (builds, chat, Town names, etc). Includes swearing. Keep it PG.
  5. No harassing or bullying other players.
  6. No spamming or flooding chat.
  7. Do not advertise other servers or products.
  8. If a staff member is performing staff duties, don't attack them. Be nice.
  9. Do not evade or attempt to evade a ban or mute.


  1. Do not significantly alter or destroy the surface of the world. You can cut down a tree, but don't blow up a mountain.
  2. Do not build unrealistic structures (sky islands, floating Towns, underwater cities, etc).
  3. Do not create large islands (more than 1x1 chunk) in oceans. You are not allowed to create multiple islands in one area.
  4. Do not block waterways. You may build bridges; at least a 2 block gap between the surface of the water and the bottom of the bridge must be left so boats may easily pass underneath.
  5. Do not build bridges more than 4 blocks wide across large oceans or bays. Typically, ice bridges with side walls or railroad bridges are a good idea.

Griefing and Theft

  1. Griefing is not allowed.
  2. Griefing of unclaimed railways, paths, portals, hubs, etc. is not allowed.
  3. If a build is seemingly abandoned, has no claims to it, and is not near another claim, you may claim/loot/destroy it. If it looks like it's part of a nearby Town, don't touch it!
  4. Griefing a seemingly abandoned build in an ugly way (lava, fire, random blocks, etc.) is not allowed.
  5. Theft of items (from chests) is discouraged but allowed. Town or Nation bank theft is easily provable and will result in heavy punishment. Ensure you lock your chests to prevent item theft by placing a sign on them.
  6. Theft of items (by killing a player who does not consent to PvP) is not allowed.

Towny (Towns and Nations)

  1. Towns can be named anything, but we recommend naming them after real life places. If you go to Chicago, you expect to see Chicago, not EpicBurgerTown.
  2. Nations must be named after a formerly or currently existing nation, territory, geographical feature, or city in real life. You can add titles such as "Empire" to the name.
  3. Towns and Nation names shouldn't be so similar to another Town or Nation that someone could be confused between them. ("Britain" vs. "GreatBritain")
  4. Towns can be any distance away from a Nation capital. The Nation's name must be relevant to the Nation's capital's location.
  5. You may only have up to 2 alternate accounts join a town. An alternate account cannot be the mayor of a town.
  6. Do not create a Town or claim land close to another Town just to block the other Town's growth. You are allowed to expand near/next to it if given permission by the original Town. Don't go out of your way to claim near their Town!


  1. PvP is only allowed if PvP is enabled by the Town. If you can't PvP, don't use other methods (lava, making a new claim, etc.) to kill someone.
  2. Killing or attacking anybody without a fair warning of the fight is not allowed, even if a Town has PvP enabled.
  3. Trapping a player so that they could never escape by themselves (portal traps, bed traps, etc.) is not allowed, even if a Town has PvP enabled.